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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Train Like a Wayne: Week Five

This week we're going to have a conditioning/metcon focus to keep the body shock going. Afterwards we'll jump back into the 5/3/1 programming and continue the functional strength.

This list was provided by the guys over at Highbar Crossfit, who I've collaborated and trained with for a couple of years now. They know their stuff, and this is a fantastic set list. Below are the Batman versions of this. For the Robins, try to get what you can in this, and scale the weight accordingly. Again, if you can't perform the actions listed, substitute it with something that has similar movements. Questions, comments, and concerns are always welcomed, and don't hesitate to get in touch.


Workout 1

Strength: 7x2 reps squats with 85% of 1 rep max – rest approx 2 minutes between sets

Metcon: 20 minutes amrap walk/run 200m with an odd object weighing roughly 30 to 40 pounds, for robins make it a weight that is challenging but still possible. 12 Sumo Deadlifts with 135 lbs, if you can't sumo deadlift then perform airsquats with weights like dumbbells. 10 burpees

Workout 2

Endurance: 3x1 mile repeats – Run each mile for speed/time. Rest half the time it took you to run the mile. (note: If you did the above workout the day before your legs will be sore and it will affect your time. Run at a pace that is challenging, but not overkill)

Metcon/conditioning: 4 rounds – each round is timed 4 minutes 1 minute plank hold 25 situps use remainder of time to do as many double unders (single unders if you can’t do double unders) as possible

Rest 90 seconds between rounds

End with a 1 mile cool down run

Workout 3

(not for time) 4 Rounds 10 benchpress close to max (can break up reps if needed), for Robins you should use a weight that is challenging but not impossible. Max rep strict pull ups round up – for example if you do 7 pull ups and have to drop, do 3 more to make it 10. If you get 12 pull ups and have to drop, do 8 more to make it 20

Try to rest no more than 3 minutes between rounds

Then --

4 Rounds 8 to 10 bent over barbell rows with a weight that you struggle to get 10 with. It should be a weight that you cannot get 10 with on each set. You should be falling to around 8 reps by the last round

superset this with max rep ring dips round up (same scheme as strict pull up above). Do pushups if you do not have


try to rest no longer than 1 minute between rounds


Isolation arm exercises of your choice supersetting bicep and tricep exercises. Do not rest at all between sets.

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