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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Train Like a Wayne: Week 3 Set List

Things are getting a bit busy on my end, so I thought I would make it easier for everyone and do the set list for the entire week in one post. This will allow me to focus back on some video game reviews and movie stuff as well. If you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch!



Day 1: Batman Version:

5/3/1 week one set of deadlifts at calculated percentages.

Three Rounds of three sub-sets of 3 Power cleans, 6 push ups, 9 air squats, minute rest.

Later, run (for me it's a 5k -- don't sell yourself short on this)

Stretch, eat well, and rest.

Day 1: Robin Version:

Go into an air squat. If you don't know how to do this properly youtube some videos, there are, literally, hundreds of videos that can show you how to do this correctly. For this exercise, lower yourself into the squat position and hold it for 30 seconds. Come up, shake out the legs, and then get into the plank position (the up-part of a push up) and hold that for 30 seconds. Do this 20 times for each workout. That comes to 10 minutes of isometrics. Don't like it? Learn to deadlift, it's good for you I promise.

Same circuit as before, but substitute burpees (at least 20 per set) instead of power cleans.

Run a distance you are comfortable with at a pace you can handle. This is an impact exercise so don't over do what you're capable of with your weight/level of fitness.


Day 2: The Batman Version

5/3/1 BENCH

10 Incline Bench, 10 dips, 10 later raises

Later tonight or at least four hours later:

100 pushups, 100 sit ups, 100 air squats, broken up however you see fit.

NOTE: On the pushups make sure you're hitting your CHEST and not your STOMACH to the ground. For those of you with a belly, do your best, and go to your knees if you have to. The importance here is on the upper body conditioning, the rest will come later.

Day 2: The Robin Version (aka modding this exercise)

Start in the plank position and slowly lower yourself to the ground. Try to take at least five seconds to lower yourself down, and at least three to bring yourself back up. Do this at LEAST 25 times.

Instead of incline bench see if you have any bands or dumbbells. Use a weight that you're comfortable with for these. For the dips, if you have trouble with them try to do the prison version, and pretty much anyone can do a modded weight on lateral raises.

For the nighttime exercise do 50 of each. Break this into 5 sets of 10. Don't cheat yourself here, these are all low impact exercises, and working hard just means more calories burned. If you want to go for the full 100 then more power to you, just don't go past your limits.


Day 3: Batman Version

5/3/1 of SQUATS

200 Double Unders

Evening or at least four hours later -- 5k (or whatever your distance is)

Day 3: Robin Version

Squat down and hold in that position for 30 seconds. Do this for 10 minutes worth of time.

200 jump rope rotations, or just pony-up and do all 400.

Evening or at least four hours later -- Run or walk at least 3 miles.


Day 4: Batman Version


10 single-arm bent over row, sit-ups (depending on what you have), pullups -- Four Rounds, no breaks.

Later in the evening or at least four hours later -- 100 jabs/crosses/hooks/uppercuts/bodyshots, broken into two rounds of 50 each side.

Day 4: Robin Version

Take two dumbells with a weight you can just do about ten of, and do four rounds of ten with that weight.

No cutting corners today for this one. Robin needs to be tough too. For pullups try negatives.

Later in the evening or at least four hours later -- still try to keep the same numbers. Take more time if you need, but this is going to be a good set for you to do. Form isn't as important here as much as movement is. Keep moving, and keep improving.


Day 5: Rest -- followed by some light activity over the next two days.

Next week we have some circuit input from our good friends over at HighBar Crossfit. I've worked with this guys for years in various areas and they are a solid bunch for both programming and personalities. Get excited.

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  1. Hey, Eric. I'm really excited about this posts. I have a few questions for you.

    * I'm six feet tall and 159 pounds and I'd like to know what weight you think I need to gain in order to be balanced ad get the most of this routine.

    * I'm not that builded visually speaking, but so far I can handle the exercises you're proposing. Nevertheless, I'd like to ask you how'd you improve this program with gymnastics. I've done in high school and I know I can do some basic exercises.

    I'm hella loving this blog.